[Black Business Interview Series] Jahfarii Beads

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“Where did you get your beads?” “They look so good on your wrist!” “Are those Jahfarii beads?” “Well, indeed they are,” I answer. Every time I wear my beads, they draw in many people. Who’s Jahfarii? According to my wrist, he’s a very talented man from Baltimore City. Jahfarii, or Lawrence, is a creative visionary […]

August 25, 2017

[Local Events] What You Missed and What's Still Happening

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Light City Location: Inner Harbor/Harbor East, Baltimore, Md. Light City has come back for its second year. The event is the first large scale light festival in the United States. The festival is free and consists of light installations, music, and innovation. There are more than 50 attractions and many food vendors. Light City started on March 31st […]

April 7, 2017