[Fashion In Baltimore] Free Minds Clothing Co. X Chris Morton

free minds clothing

Does your closet seem a little dull for this summer so far? I have the perfect solution for those who may feel like their style is lacking and need exclusive pieces in their wardrobe.

I’ve come across many clothing boutiques and clothing lines in the Baltimore area. One thing that I can say about most of them is that there is a unique feel. Something that FreeMinds Clothing Co. offers with it’s “very limited” but, “very exclusive” line of apparel.

Before I get lost in style let me introduce Chris Morton, the creator of this line and a hard working young man with ambitions who doesn’t credit himself as an established designer. He built a foundation based his belief that “nothing is impossible.” The brand moniker  itself is positivity driven. He is a strong believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone or out of the “box.”

chris morton

As of right now his clothing website offers clothing that is not particular to a gender. So yes, ladies if you’re looking for some “chill” clothing you can purchase there too. Did I mention that Chris taught himself how to sew? So for those customers who may need something custom made, he’s definitely your guy!

custom made
This is one of the few custom pieces Chris has made. This jersey-styled T-shirt will be available for purchase soon!

The shopping portion of The FreeMinds Clothing Co. Website is separated into three categories where you can find hats,t-shirts, and, custom items. From doing my own browsing of the website I would have to say that my favorite apparel of this clothing line would be the customs. I fell in love with the jersey-styled tee that I previously mentioned! I also had my eye on the “Unchained” T-shirt, which comes in an abundance of colors and is simple but, the logo displayed on the tee has greater depth.

unchained shirt


The logo on the shirt which is literally the brain of this clothing line may appear as something of simplicity but, when I asked what it meant it definitely wouldn’t have been something that someone would throw out there straight off of the dome. As you can see in the picture there is a brain with a chain connected to it. Chris relayed to me that the logo symbolized in his opinion “the acquisition of mental freedom.” I interpreted many meanings from the symbol itself so it is one of those things to interpret in the way that YOU think.

Make sure that you visit http://freemindsclothing.com/ and buy you some fashionable pieces. Chris plans on adding more female apparel to the line which I am excited for! Discounts are also offered for those who register to the site and I know that everyone loves discounts! So hurry there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like!