[Music] Tyler, The Creator proves his flow and lyricism is to be respected with “OKRA”

I always go on Twitter at the right time. While I was in class this morning, I started to get a series of notifications on my phone. I checked to see what was going on because my phone is dry as fuck during the week. I saw that Tyler, The Creator was tweeting and the tweets were coming in consistently. If you are a fan or his or pay any attention to him you would know that he’s not really as social on twitter as some people would desire. He usually pops in to share something awesome he’s done after a series of tweets that may or may not even be a build up to the news he’s delivering. Well, anyway, Tyler released some heat that has been having a friction party with his conscience since the beginning of his recent tour. Tyler’s lyrical capability on this “throw away” track is immaculate. The chorus is definitely relatable. We all have shit we need to let go and friends we have cut off.

Shout out to T for bragging and not giving a hell about it. I enjoy when he talks about his successes, actually.

Okra is definitely the mood for spring/summer. First of all, Okra is a green vegetable that grows in during the warmer parts of the year, how appropriate. I haven’t figured out the relation Tyler and Okra have to eachother, but I’ll update this when I find out. The visuals, as expected, are quite colorful and if you are sensitive to flashing lights proceed with caution. I was hype to see that reflective gear, if you’ve you have been to one of his recent shows you know he delivers a great performance in that outfit.

This is a “low budget” video with great quality, take notes.

Check it out and let me know how you’re feeling about the video.


After reading other people’s reactions made me come to some type of conclusion about the song title. OKRA could very much deal with his flawless skin which he mentions on the track or it could be a reference to Nigerian Okra soup. I mean, he is half Nigerian and he is nourishing us with some lyrical food.