[QOTW] What’s your business’ email address?

I found myself in the realm of the interwebs this morning and I’m always guaranteed to read something that I disagree with. There was an argument about what your business email should be and who you should host your email with. The actual Facebook status I saw read:

“Don’t hand me a business card with a Gmail email address on it”

I began to read the comments and instantly got offended. I’m human and I have that right. I’m thinking to myself, “Do people read emails and think, ewww I don’t want to do business with john.smith@gmail.com?” Does the gmail.com at the end really bother you that bad? I can understand if the email address obviously doesn’t relate to the business, but if it involves the business, what’s the issue?

Someone argued that having a Gmail address versus having a registered domain email shows that you don’t care about investing in your business. I deemed that argument absurd. I wasn’t aware that the fate of your business is in the hands of an email address. I believe that if people love your product enough then they are going to patronize with you.

Would an email address deter you from patronizing with someone you wanted your favorite products from? Would it stop you from doing business with a particular company? Does it really matter to you?