[New Music Video] Indie X Greenspan [ft. Christen B]

Produced By: Dennard Watson (@dennardwatson)
Album: Never Gon Die

Directed by Angel Kristi Williams
Director of Photography Kirby Griffin
Produced by LaTonya Joyce for Six Point Pictures

Entering Black history month with poise and elegance is the way to go! Baltimore music artist, Greenspan‘s Indie music video should be the blueprint for how blacks are represented in the music industry and in society, period. This music video promotes individuality, but also promotes how we should help and love on one another.

In the chorus, Christen B sings,

We ain’t the same, we ain’t the same but we all relative

I think this line by itself is like the thesis statement to the song. To me, that line means we are all different in our own way, hence the title Indie, but still the same once we put our individual traits aside. With everything that we possess individually, we can help each other and build an empire.

Greenspan supports that thesis with the lyrics that follow in both verses 1 and 2, beginning with,

Help a nigga take over the world now we collective/
Help a young leader see all this shit, from your perspective / one accord/
We can afford if we go half and that’s effective/

In our current society, we experience a surplus of negativity and it’s about time that we are directed away from it. I like how the video starts out in what looks like modern Baltimore, but as the video progresses forward, we are taken from old Baltimore to New Baltimore. I took that as the difference between how blacks were once perceived to how we are perceived now. There are many inferences and takeaways offered from this video which gives Greenspan the advantage of being the storyteller and the music artist at the same time. Indie‘s lyrics alone bring back the hope of unity.