[Current Events/Opinion] Where were you on 9/11/2001? [Written by Brandon Williams]

This month marks 16 years since one of the most tragic acts of terrorism ever happened on American soil. 9/11 struck our country out of nowhere and has done just as much to bring us together as it has to tear us apart, and to this day the complete truth behind the events of this day still remains hidden in mystery. Our country has seen its fair share of tragedies over the course of it’s existence and this one, like many others, is one that will always stand out in our generation’s memory for the rest of our lives. I can still remember the day it happened, I was living in North Carolina and I was in my second period of the day, Spanish class. Our teacher had given us sort of a free period and we were all playing board games and watching the Grinch when the school’s chorus teacher ran into the room and whispered something into our teacher’s ear. This made her immediately turn the movie off and tell us to focus our attention on the TV as she turned to the news and that’s when we saw the twin towers, one destroyed, and then we saw the second plane make contact. I remember at the time not being able to fully grasp what was going on, primarily at that time because I was not only so young but at that age New York was so far away, the magnitude of what had occurred didn’t really register until a little later in my life. The older I got and as the internet became more accessible in my life I, like many others I’m, sure began to dive a little deeper into investigating footage of the towers falling along with trying to gain more perspective on what happened and why, because as I said we were so young at the time when it happened our knowledge of politics and the state of the world around us was still moderately small. And as I stated previously there are still so many things that don’t add up and that will never add up because those that know the WHOLE truth are either no longer with us or have yet to come forward with any concrete details. What IS known however is that no matter who you are or where you are from, 9/11 is something that we have to remember because whatever you believe about how and why it happened it still shows that we as a country are able to face terrible adversity and continue to progress and thrive by any means necessary. So my question to you our dear readers, and I know this one may be a bit difficult, but where were YOU during 9/11? If you can remember tell us as much as you can, about the day of September 11, 2001 and how that day impacted you going forward in your life. We look forward to hearing your shared experiences.