[Black Business Interview Series] Bee Floyd [Written by Shae McCoy]

Baltimore possesses many jewels. Amongst the black businesses that occupy the City, there are many creative categories that these businesses cater to.

Meet Candice Lache, an entrepreneur from Baltimore who has an eye for great fashion. Candice not only makes sure that you hold her business to a high standard but herself as well. Candice loves being fashionable in a modest way and that is what her business reflects. Candice is Muslim but assures us that her brand is fit for everyone.

She says,

As a Muslim woman it’s hard to find pretty fashion that I could wear, so I decided to create that lane for myself.

Her brand Bee Floyd was created from this very thought. Her brand features modest fashion items. This gives her clients a chance to add some classy pieces to their wardrobe. To give her clients a more up close and hands on experience, she has a fashion wagon that can come to You! She is mobile and ready to tend to your fashion needs.

To find out more about Bee Floyd, read the interview below!

  • What is the name of your business/organization?

    The name of my brand is Bee Floyd, and the name of my business is Bee Floyd’s “The Fashion Wagon”. Bee Floyd is named after my late great-grandmother (Bertha Floyd) who passed away in 2016. My grandma was the epitome of a classy woman who dedicated her life to her family, so I’ve always aspired to follow in her foot steps. Therefore when starting my business I had no choice but to dedicate it to the woman who inspired me, groomed me, and helped me become the woman I am today.

  • How long have you been running your business/organization?

    It’s been a little over 2 months. I actually launched on my 26th birthday, June 10th!

  • What services do your provide/products do you sell?

    I provide classy, modest, trend-setting, exclusive apparel to ALL women.

  • How does your business/organization serve the community?

    I believe I serve by being a role model to the younger generation. I am showing them how to be legitimately successful in this world of “get rich quick schemes” or “social media famous.” I hope to start an internship program by next year for high school girls.

  • Do you have plans on branching out further to serve communities other than your own?

    At the moment I honestly don’t but I hope to in the future!

  • List one long term and one short term goal you have for your business/organization.

    The short term goal is to create more website traffic for my business. Since I’m mobile I do most of my business doing mobile events but I hope my business spreads to more cities, etc …. The long term goal is to have multiple businesses under my brand!

  • Where can people go to find out more about your business or organization? (social media, website,etc…)

    People can find out more about my business via my website beefloyd.com and via social media IG/FB @beefloyd