[Black Business Interview Series] LemonTopia: Lemonades and Dessert Bar By Jamaria Crump [Written By Shae McCoy]

Photo Taken by Shae McCoy

It is refreshing to hear about the youth and what they contribute to the world today. Growing up, I had no clue about business and economy. Jamaria Crump goes against the grain and proves that even people as young as herself can start and maintain a business. Jamaria is a 10-year-old entrepreneur with a big heart and a bubbly personality. Jamaria’s business derived from hands on lemon squeezing with her grandparents, observation, research, a Disney movie, and the support of her awesome mother. Jamaria always wanted to have a lemonade stand of her own and pleaded with her mother for over a year before she gave in and approved the business move.  LemonTopia is described as “A kid’s daydream come true.”  LemonTopia is a lemonade stand and a dessert bar, so not only are you getting to quench your thirst, but you also get to tend to your hunger. In less than a year, Jamaria went from squeezing lemons with her grandparents to vending at multiple events per week starting with a bake sale at her school.  All of this did not happen overnight as Jamaria spends countless hours perfecting her craft, staying up past midnight to bake, squeeze lemons, and boil sugar for syrups. Don’t let the big smiles and giggles fool you, not only is she business savvy, but her etiquette is superb. Be on the lookout for Jamaria as her progression increases!

Support LemonTopia by coming to her next Pop-up shop on August 25th-27th.

Location: 46 East Cross Street, Baltimore, Md.

I was able to sit with Jamaria for a brief interview, check it out below.

Photo Taken by Shae McCoy

What is the name of your business/organization?

LemonTopia, a lemonade and dessert bar.

How long have you been running your business/organization?

 About, maybe 10 months.

What services do you provide/products do you sell?

 So I sell all different types of lemonade, pink lemonade cookies, lemon lime cookies, lemonade cookies and then sour bitter lemon cookies.

How does your business/organization serve the community?

I am a mobile vendor and  I can come out to anybody’s space and they wont have to come to me. I help food deserts because LemonTopia  has food that you might not get elsewhere. I help by donating lemonade for meetings and more.

Do you have plans on branching out further to serve communities other than your own?

 Yes. I plan to branch out to Paris, London, and New York. I want stores.

List one long term and one short term goal you have for your business/organization.

Long term- To not have to have a real job when I get older and to earn enough to live off of my business.

Short Term-  To make cupcakes better because the icing is squishy, it always melts everywhere.

Where can people go to find out more about your business or organization? (social media, website,etc…)

Instagram: @lemontopia.baltimore & Facebook: LemonTopia