[QOTW] Do you feel like the hunt for criminals is only heightened and executed when the case involves someone of importance to the city or state? [Written By Shae McCoy]

First, I would like to start this off by saying rest in peace to the people we have lost in Baltimore this year to any type of violence.

This question simply derives from some observations I made this week as certain murders were discussed on the news and on the internet. In the recent wave of gun violence, Baltimore Police Spokesman, T.J. Smith lost his brother as he was “targeted” in a homicide.  Attorney, Warren Brown’s step-son also fell victim to gun violence this month. Since these two crimes took place a man connected to Spokesman Smith’s brother’s murder has been arrested, and Attorney Brown has offered a 10,000 reward for catching the people associated with the murder of his step-son. 

Baltimore has racked up at least 170 homicides in 2017 so far. Since 2015, Baltimore has accumulated a heap of unsolved murder cases. What sparked my interest in this subject was a social media post that touched on how more work goes in to cases that are associated with people of higher rank in the city than regular victims.

Is it the incentive that makes people give up clues in cases such as Attorney Brown’s? Does money really make people talk? Is that the reason that people do not speak up for other crimes? Do you think that enough effort is put in to murder cases in the city?