[QOTW] 159 Homicides: Is The Authoritative System of Baltimore Doing Enough To Alleviate The Crime Rate? [Written by Shae McCoy]

Baltimore is drowning in blood and residents are becoming hopeless. A lot of people have expressed their concerns and fears about the increase in the crime rate. Amongst the homicides that have happened this year, last week may have been one of the deadliest thus far, claiming 6 lives and injuring 2. Since 2015, the crime rate has been increasing fast and gun violence hasn’t slowed down at all. Have authorities really backed off like the rumors are saying?

This past week, Charmaine Wilson was gunned down in front of her children for protecting them. Sources say that she was trying to move because of the harassment, but requests were ignored. Imagine if that keeps happening…there will be more cases like hers that will get light treatment. How are so many people getting guns on the streets? The answer is lenient gun laws. Is there hard enough work going into getting guns out of the wrong hands?

Will extending officers’ working hours to 12 hour days really help? At this point, it seems as if all the faith has been lost in the local government and authorities when it comes to fighting crime. What do you think can and needs to be done to alleviate the crime rate?