[QOTW] The Double Standard: Was The Firing of Kathy Griffin Too Extreme?

Comedian, Kathy Griffin is under fire for her recent and gruesome photo shoot with Tyler Shields. In the photo above, you will see that Griffin is holding a replica of Donald Trump‘s head in her hand. Once this photo hit the net, all hell broke loose within her career. Not only did people express their disgust via social media, but Trump himself expressed his disgust and said that the comedian “should be ashamed of herself.” The first lady even chimed in calling the act “sick!”

Should she?  Isn’t she just using her freedom of expression like the people who publicly made distasteful memes and posts about President Obama?

You be the judge. When people made derogatory remarks about Obama, actions weren’t taken this far. In her defense, she stated that she was “bullied” by the Trump family.

As a result of this photo being posted, Griffin has been cut from CNN‘s New Year’s Eve coverage and her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty is no more. Part of me understands why this is happening as the backlash may have not been a good look for both businesses, but what about the people who trashed our previous President? Did they lose their jobs and endorsement deals? If Griffin is going to suffer for her blunder, shouldn’t there be bulks of people without jobs right now?
Do you think that this was a situation that went too far, or do you think she got what she deserved? Sound off.