[Technology] Samsung: Unlocking the Galaxy…. Literally [Written by Brandon Williams]

Image Source: http://isamsunggalaxys8.com/

Recently, it has been reported that Samsung is going to be releasing an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on May 31st. The initial release of the Galaxy was April 21st. As we all know, most high-quality phones like the Galaxy and the iPhone are locked, meaning that the service provider that the user purchases the phone under is the only carrier that the device can be serviced with. So, if they purchased a $500+ phone and are dissatisfied with the original service provider, the device becomes obsolete if they’re hoping to switch carriers. This also becomes a problem while traveling outside of the country because the consumer must get a new or adjusted phone plan to accommodate their trip.

Samsung is giving its customers more options with the release of an unlocked Galaxy S8. This will give them the freedom of choice in case the consumer does desire to change carriers. They will not be forced to purchase a brand-new phone from a new carrier. All that they would have to do is switch SIM cards accordingly. This also means that the new unlocked phone will not come with the “carrier” apps such as the “My Account” app, “Visual Voicemail”, etc. This allows the users to have more control over their smartphone experience and it also rids the phone storage of unnecessary clutter.

There will be two versions of the phone being released on May 31st, the Galaxy S8 which will be 5.8 inches and retail at $725, and the Galaxy S8 Plus which will be 6.2 inches and retail at $825. The prices seem a bit steep, but it is comforting and scary to know that these prices are about $25 less than what the carriers will be charging for them.