[QOTW] How Do You Handle Having Your Beliefs Challenged?


There has been a lot of turmoil and contention over personal beliefs this past Easter weekend. From the constant online debated over the origins and meaning of Easter to the massive manhunt for, the now infamous, “StevieSteve” and all the nonsense and heartache that accompanied it, our timelines have been filled with disputes, debates, and disagreements. Now, while I will withhold my full opinions on both the holiday of Easter and this alleged massacre that began in Ohio and ended in PA, I will say that for one, I believe that Easter, like just about every other holiday, has been mutilated into another day for candy companies to profit greatly off changing the shapes, colors, and styles of their candy and for the retail companies to capitalize off everybody trying to look their “Easter Best.” This takes away from the true spiritual/ethereal purposes of the day. Also, and I know this will be a highly unpopular opinion, but I believe the whole situation with the Cleveland killer was staged.  I know that makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist and please keep in mind that this is MY opinion and not that of Uncommonrealist but there are too many things about the entire ordeal that just doesn’t add up to a believable story. And therein lies the question I want to put to you all this week. We all have our own personal beliefs, faiths, ethical codes, what have you, and in American society, for every 1 person, you find that shares identical or similar views there are 5 that don’t agree or believe in the contrary. Especially when it comes generational disputes, a lot of us are taking less conventional routes with regards to earning income, i.e. Entrepreneurship, the arts, technological development, etc.  while the generations before us took to the “find a job and keep it” way of life because, unfortunately, that’s all that was available to them at the time. So, when you encounter these people who don’t have or even attempt to challenge or attack your belief system, how do you respond? Do you attempt to defend your standpoint with facts in hopes of proving your contenders wrong? Do you attempt to make a case for what you believe in, hoping you’ll either make the person take back what they said or even that you’ll convert THEIR mindset to align with yours? Or do you take a more passive approach, in that even if you DO decide to present your reasons for why you believe in what you believe, you accept that this person doesn’t and decide to “agree to disagree”? Let us know in the comments your approach and if you’ve been in a situation recently where you felt your personal choices or feelings were being challenged or contested.