[Advice] Learning From Your Mistakes [Written By Chasity Pryor]

Image Source: www.lifehacker.com
Image Source: www.lifehacker.com

“Mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating.

We’ve all made mistakes, some worse than others. Regardless of the severity of that mistake, we always come out as a different person. Mistakes change us. They either strengthen or weaken our character, but it depends on if we let them. The most important thing to understand is that a mistake is a one-time deal; once you make it, you don’t make the same one again. Instead, you take it as a lesson learned.

In the past, I’ve made some pretty stupid mistakes. The biggest mistake was constantly choosing to trust someone even though they continuously gave me reasons not to. The thing is, when you attach yourself to someone, it’s hard to accept the fact that they aren’t perfect. The idea of them hurting you over and over again seems bizarre and so farfetched. But they do it anyway, and they continue to do it because you let them. Well, I let them. After the first time, I numbed myself to the situation and allowed that person to keep on coming back. They always knew the right thing to say and exactly how to say it to keep me around.  Every instance, I grew weaker in mind and weaker in spirit. I recognized this, but I liked the idea of someone depending on me, so I kept It going. Wrong choice.

But, one day something just clicks in your brain and you recognize what’s happening. I started to notice patterns and cycles and I understood my mistake. I recognized what was happening to me mentally and I didn’t like feeling weak and vulnerable. So, I cut that mistake out of my life. It was hard, let me tell you. When you program your mind to take bullshit from someone for so long, it’s hard to reprogram it to not do that anymore. But, it’s not impossible. When I finally managed to break free, it was great because I started to see the world in color again. I recognized that person for who they were, a manipulative leech. They sucked the life out of me. And I let them.

I learned my lesson after that. My skin is thicker and my spirit is stronger. Now I can recognize the patterns in other people and I am able to cut them out immediately. As I get older, I understand that I don’t have room for negativity.

To help you, here are 6 steps that I found for learning from your mistake:

  1. Admit your mistake.
  2. Visualize a different outcome
  3. Fix what can be fixed
  4. Don’t obsess over what can’t be changed
  5. Journal for insight
  6. Learn from others (and your) mistakes.

Read a more in-depth explanation of each of these steps at http://www.lifescript.com/well-being/articles/0/6_steps_to_learning_from_your_mistakes.aspx

Learn from your mistakes and walk in positivity.

With Love,