[QOTD] What Are You Leaving Behind in 2016? [Written by Chasity Pryor]

At the end of every year, we create a list of resolutions that we hope to achieve in the new year. We create this list with high expectations for ourselves and, after a few weeks, we have failed at sticking with them. Nevertheless, we do it every single year and it becomes a never-ending cycle. This year I have decided that, instead of creating a list of things that I would like to achieve in 2017, I am going to create a list of things that I want to leave behind in 2016. I find that the expectations are less dominant and it’s easier to leave things behind than it is to try to reach a “seemingly impossible” goal that we set for ourselves. The chance of disappointment is decreased.
So, here is my list of 5 things that I want to leave behind in 2016:

  1. Negativity/ Bad Vibes
  2. Self-doubt
  3. Bad Health
  4. Irresponsibility
  5. Not making time for the things that matter

What are you leaving behind in 2016?