[Freewrite] My Favorite Painting [Written by Shae McCoy]

Photo shot by Shae McCoy (Coy-Op Photos) Painting by Dorvillier Olivier

When I look at you, I see freedom.
You are bearing yourself down to the core without a care.
I want to be like you, you’re confident.
Your shape is nothing less than perfect.
Your skin is the color of tar, most people won’t find that comparison pleasing, but it is beautiful to me.
You are the exception to society’s rule. I am the exception to society’s rule.
You are Nubian, you are what most young ladies crave to be.
I honor you and celebrate you because you are carefree.
You are already what you want to be, a muse.
An example for women who don’t know how to set themselves free.
You make yourself vulnerable and they hate that about you.
You are open to being that empty glass that is ready to be filled up with chocolate milk that completes your damn near perfect figure.
Who would ever want to put clothes on a piece of art such as yourself?
Looking at you makes me love myself more.
I want to be free. I want to be just like you, my favorite painting.