[QOTW] What are your Vices? [Written By Brandon Williams]

Now I know that when people hear the word “Vice” it immediately brings to mind two things, drugs, and Miami. Now even though the two aforementioned items tend to go hand in hand, a more fitting definition is, something we run to in times of personal crisis. Now, I’m not condoning or saying having a vice is a “good” thing however, I do understand that in this day and age, with all of the stresses that we face every day as adults living in this American society, that sometimes it is difficult to cope with daily life without having someone or something to run to when things just get overwhelming. Between bills, traffic, kids, co-workers, bosses, parents, etc. there are countless things that we face, even before walking out of the door, that can cause us to feel trapped and in search of an escape from the day to day struggles we have to embrace head on. So my question to you folks today is, what is YOUR vice? What is it that you turn to when it feels like life is dragging you down and you need something to pull you out of the darkness? Do you turn to wine or alcohol at the end of a long and stressful day? Do you roll up and spark a jay before or after a mentally stressful situation has come and gone? Is there a specific person, not a significant other, that you turn to for relief (whatever that may mean for you) when you need a way to escape from the hard hits of reality? Let us know in the comments section what it is that you choose to turn to when you’re tired of life staring you dead in the face with her cold harsh glare.