[Karlito's Korner] Karlito Interviews With GQ For Cancer Founder, Bernard Fogg

Check out Karlito Freeze’s exclusive interview with GQ For Cancer Founder, Bernard Fogg!
KK: Wassup Bernard, how’s everything been ??
BF: Hey man, all is well! Ready to close 2016 and start 2017
KK: That’s what’s up, as should all of us. What have you been up to?
BF: Business wise: Prepping for upcoming fundraisers in December for the holidays. Personal: Prepping for my final steps of remission starting in January 2017
KK: Talk about the holiday fundraisers
BF: So, until December 21, GQ for Cancer will be wrapping gifts for a small donation for those that are too busy to wrap or those that are looking to giveback. All donations will go towards Sponsorship for 5 Men for a Physician visit and Sponsor 5 Wellness Packages (Men or Women) which includes: 2 Free Drop-in Sessions at Phil-Mor Fit Gym, FREE GQ4C Apparel, Funding towards Co-Pay for Doctor’s Visit and 6 days of Meal Prep.
KK: That’s excellent!!! Is this your first event or is it annual?
BF: My first event was July 13th and last month GQ for Cancer was a part of a giveback for the holidays to feed the homeless and donate clothing. We try to do something to giveback to our community monthly and to encourage people to invest in their health, especially MEN
KK: Absolutely. Explain how healthy choices can affect our community, especially the black man.
BF: Healthy choices are very important! What we do now really affects us later on in life! Working out is always a plus, but its more than that! Better eating habits, and most importantly, knowing your medical history from your immediate family that way you know what to look out for if any issues come about. Also for the Black man, we suffer from accountability and fear of showing weakness by seeking help. I witness it every day, we wait until the last minute to get things checked out, but we also work to become this provider and protector. It’s hard to be that and neglect the very thing that keeps us going, our bodies! Plus we are more likely to have major issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and Cancer (Prostate, Colorectal, and Lung). We are leading in numbers worldwide for newly diagnosed as well as mortality (death).
KK: Thanks for the breakdown. I definitely want readers to understand this. Does your platform plan to organize mentoring for young men?
BF: GQ for Cancer would love to! Right now, I am the TEAM lol but definitely working to build a trust worthy team that can assist with it. I’m always open to talking, to meeting, and to sharing my story with anyone, especially younger men. I feel honored when people I don’t know, that come across the website, reach out and ask questions or share their stories. In the future (this is exclusive!) I would love to start a city to city tour, reaching out to young men and bringing others to share their health ventures as well as connecting with health experts like trainers, gyms, physicians, health care services in their area to mend that gap and provide that knowledge of resources available to them!
KK: That’s love. Lets begin 2017 on that next level !!! How was your holidays and what do you have planned for Xmas?
BF: My holidays so far have been amazing! Just spending it with my family as much as possible before I head into surges in 2017! These are the moments I will cherish man. As far as christmas, I just want to crash everyone’s house for a plate, some laughs, and just fellowship for real! No gifts needed! I already told everyone just make a donation! IM GOOD AND ALIVE!
KK: Hahaha, you’re definitely invited to my house. Last question, what does black progress mean to you ?
BF: Black Progress means STARTING with our OWN BLACK SELVES! Making changes starting from within. Before we can enforce change on a political or industry level, we have to ask ourselves, are we ready? Are we leading by example? For me personally, I did a lot of soul searching and revamping to make  sure that I am doing my diligence to set an example to people that I’m reaching out to. Even if its visible or not! We can say Black Lives Matter but we get into these unnecessary disagreements that lead to violence and the occasional fatality, all over a parking spot, stepping on ones shoes, or just street beef. We have to vibrate higher and be the CHANGE we want! So Black Progress starts with US the Black People!
KK: Right on ! Thank you for talking to me brother. Let the readers know about your website and social media so that they can keep in touch.
BF: Thank you for the opportunity! I truly appreciate it man! Website: www.gq4c.org Twitter: @gqforcancer Facebook: GQ for Cancer IG: @gqforcancer and personal IG: @gqtrilogy1
Mission :To Motivate, Educate, and Navigate the M.E.N of today, under the age of 50 confirmed by research statistics, against deplorable health.  Striving to provide more health geared programs, tools that will encourage and instill a sense of urgency in young men to invest in valuable resources for a healthi…
KK: Thanks bro !!
BF: No Thank YOU