[Karlito's Korner] Karlito's Korner Presents #WorkOnTheBlock

The OG s from Karlito’s Korner are proud to bring you the #WorkOnTheBlock Segment. It’s

nothing major ,just a highlight of different talents, locally as well as national. But you always gotta

start home first. My first sample of work is “ItsDarsidy” ( Youtube). He’s a young

gifted twin from Baltimore City whose creativity drips like tap water leakage. His channel contains

hilarious, artistic, and “random” videos. The content reminds me of Atomic TV, a show that came

on “channel 5” in the Black Cable box days (I’m vintage with mine don’t trip). Enjoy

Darsidy’s videos !!!!! Follow him on Instagram @itsdarsidy  and on Twitter @lol_darsidy.

Korryn Forever,

Karlito Freeze