[Karlito's Korner] Karlito Freeze Interviews Jahfarii Beads

For this interview, Karl Keels sits down with the bead extraordinaire, Jahfarii. He asks questions, not just about his brand Jahfarii Beads but, also about his personal growth as well. Take a read below and make sure that you visit his website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @Jahfariibeads.
KK– You just graced the debut cover of Urban Freedom Magazine. Is that your first cover? And if so, how did it feel to reach an important milestone?
JB– Yes, that was my first one, first mag, first cover. I guess that’s a good stat. One for One! It’s funny that you ask that because I actually keep a record of goals and milestones, this one, in particular, was amazing. I put in the work, not knowing who’s watching or who’s motivated.  For someone to put me on the front cover of their first magazine is some real thoughtful shit because it’s a hard pick in my eyes but, they thought of no one else but me to set the tone. Urban freedom Magazine, for me, was an honorable experience. Go get your issue now online at www.UrbanFreedomMagazine.com
KK– That’s great.  How many milestones have you hit since you started your journey?
JB– 30 states, 10 countries, over 30 celebrities, 2 boutiques, double my yearly goal in 2016, over 10 radio interviews in 1 year, being featured on Ellen DeGeneres, award shows, and more.
We can go on to all the people I’ve met; those are the precious ones.
KK– Most definitely man. When did your brand start taking off to us seeing people like Rich Homie and 2Chainz rocking your jewels?
JB– It took off when I freed myself! I was feeling with someone who didn’t understand my vision. I remember two years ago, I got a call from Rich and his crew telling me to fly out to Tennessee and she (the girl I was feeling with) discouraged the fuck out of me so, I never went. I missed the opportunity so, I got rid of the problem. It was a few weeks after my relationship, I just went hard! And the results came like consistently. I’m single now. I can be as free as I want to be. I’m able to be out late. I’m able to travel at will. I’m able to make decisions without any considerations so, me being able to be out in a lifestyle where I can be as free as I want, is necessary. I really study and hunt these folks down. Let’s say that the artist has an appearance somewhere, I have to hope that I can get close enough.  I have to wait all night for them to show, I have to wait until the show is over, and then I have to make the move. But I do it, it’s the energy. I have this energy where I have successfully snuck into every single show that I’ve been to. As far as these beads, everything that happens to me is because of my gift of gab, my talents, my designs, and how cool or unique my jewelry is! The first thing they ask about when I’m at a show or something is if I’m performing or if I’m a celebrity, based on my look. So, I blend in and attack.
KK– That’s how you do it, man!  What’s your most interesting story involving you trying to get your beads on the wrist of a household celebrity?
JB– The most interesting story I have is hard to say. I’ve met with so many people, it’s almost like I view them no differently. One memory I have is when I found out that I had a star-struck moment. Like I said, I’ve been to many shows, seen and been around many people. So, I snuck into the Ravens stadium and I took my man Burr with me. We got put out twice and managed to get back in. I take people with me, here and there, because they never believe me. Anyway, I had just finished giving Wale some bracelets when Beyoncé came out. She was on a little mobile golf cart and, when she pulled off, Jay-z came out. I walked up and shook his hand and introduced myself but, I didn’t give him any beads. It was like I froze up and that could have been a big moment for me.
KK–  Aww man. How humble was Hov?
JB– He just shook my hand and went right back.  He was with Vegas Jones and Tony Austin. It was one of my greatest moments as a fan of his.
KK– Man that’s love. What other events do you have coming up soon?
JB– Right now I’m tour. It’s the Jahfarii Beads 12 City Tour.
It’s a Meet and Greet, Photoshoot, and Pop Up Shop that allows people to meet me, buy products, and learn first-hand about the #energy
KK– That’s dope! What cities are you hitting up?
JB– I hit Atlanta last month. I will be in Cali during Halloween weekend, Houston in November, Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve, Arizona in January, Denver in February, Seattle in March, Memphis, North Carolina, New York, and Baltimore.
KK– Most definitely man.  So, what’s the next 5 years like for you, vision wise?
JB–  Just to stay happy. I’m ready for wealth and a peace of mind when things need to be handled. I want to build a substantial backing for a family. Nothing excites me more than the thought of having a baby girl after losing my baby boys in 2012.
KK– I’m so sorry to hear that. How important is a family in 2016?
JB–  It is more important to me after losing my 2 boys. I was on the brink of getting married as well. I was close to the American Dream but, my dream was bigger. Starting a family is a goal but, right now is not a good time. It could change the game
KK– I’m sorry about that brother. God bless you and your family. I know you have some personal jewels in memory of your boys.
JB– Yes. I have one piece. It’s about to be six years old!
KK– That’s love man. I definitely appreciate you rapping to me and giving insight on your personal life and goals. I have 100% faith in your vision. Let’s Hustle