[Poetry] Black Kings and Queens [Written by Dionne Saucier]

This world we live in is cold with no sense of love or security.
Just a whole bunch of hatred that is masked by what we have been taught was our liberty.
But liberty of what and justice for who?
Bamboozled and tricked into believing that there is a place in the world for us too.
Abandoned like a baby who was adopted at birth. Spoon fed with half truth and outright lies never really understanding our true value or our worth.
There has been a tragic death to the black kings and queens of our earth.
Stomped on with oppression and devalued with recession never to rise again but to remain down in the dirt.
Eyes filled with tears and hearts filled with pain. Our minds have been corrupted and warped by things with no substance but of things that are in vain.
It’s time that we reclaim our throne and take back what belongs to us.
Reclaim our beauty and our strength that was built on a solid foundation that came up from the dust.
Stand up black kings and black queens.
Hold your heads up high to the sky and pull down your dreams.
Make them into a reality don’t let them fester or sink to the bottom but breathe life into them and make them believe.
Black kings and queens.