[Current Events] Ferguson Activist, Darren Seals Shot and Found Dead In Burning Vehicle [Written By Shae McCoy]

Photo Credit: www.theroot.com
Photo Credit: www.theroot.com

Amongst all of the Colin Kaepernick controversy lies a bigger issue. I know I am not the only one who notices the pattern of events that have been occurring since Ferguson, Baltimore‘s Uprising, or downfall, and other black community-related happenings. The death of Darren Seals is no surprise to me as he’s not the first person of color and of activism that has been taken out of the game. Darren Seals was one of the leading activists that lead the protests in Ferguson, MO in 2014 when Michael Brown was murdered by police officer Darren Wilson. Seals was very passionate about the community and did everything in his power to reveal the awful truths. He was strong and firm when it came to what he stood for. Darren was a voice, a voice that some could not take. This has me questioning whether this will happen to every person in the black community who is brave enough to stand up and speak on injustices.
Tuesday morning the activist was found dead inside of a Suburban in St. Louis county. 29-year-old Seals had been shot and then set ablaze. Details are still developing but, to many people, this seems like a set-up. Of course, none of us can really elaborate or speak too much on the situation until more details are revealed but we can still be inquisitive about the details of the matter. Let’s keep Darren‘s family and friends in our thoughts.

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