[Mental Health] Verbal Non-Violence [Written by Kevin Hart]

Photo Credit : www.matrimoniallawnj.com

Let’s agree on one premise, abuse is not an appropriate way to handle confrontation of any kind. Whether physical or verbal, most would say abuse is still not the answer. Even so, physical abuse to solve physical altercations is still not appropriate as a vengeful tactic. The one who strikes back is caught in the act. Therefore, verbal abuse is not an acceptable way to handle verbal conflict either. Abuse is wrong in all aspects because abuse is an attitude. It’s a choice to retaliate and this decision completes the request made for dissension. How can we live in unity when we speak the exact opposite in our engagements and interactions?

Once we eliminate verbal abuse as an appropriate option for responding in conversation, we can eliminate the need for others to constantly be offended by such abuse. There are far too many people being enabled to an over sensitive approach simply because you get to live in the made up world of a benevolent lie that such a diva conundrum of thinking brings to the manipulative mind. This is their hustle per say; they are robbers and con men of your ideas, visions, and dreams. All of them, the oppressor has seen.

Stop abusing people and there will be less need to leverage for handouts and freebies. Stop abusing people and they’ll feel more fulfilled without needing to indulge. Stop abusing people and they’ll stop abusing you. You provoke the good man to be greedy and the greedy to be fiends, then you feed them from the bucket and divide them amongst yourselves to accomplish the ends behind your means. Stop abusing people and they won’t have any need to wrong you or do wrong. Stop abusing people to perpetuate your own story line. Stop abusing people, period.

Hurt people hurt people, and victims turn to fair crimes. You impose the sickness and tell us we’ve lost our damn minds. Stop abusing people, it breaks us apart every single time. Stop, before I snap like a swift kick to a brittle spine.