[Health] Health Sense [Written By Kevin Hart]

health is wealth
Photo Credit: www.AStrongerWorkplace.com

Health is important. Let us keep it simple.
We all know that there are actions that need to be taken in order to maintain a healthy body. What we do not always acknowledge is that this body needs the mind to be healthy in order to function at optimal levels. In turn, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Some would also claim (and most likely prove) that keeping a healthy body also promotes a healthy mind. Therefore, the trick is to pay adequate attention to both mind and body in determining a healthy balanced approach to the life that you want to live.
Now as to what actually goes into this art of healthy living, I think it is best to say what works for some may not work for all. Why is this? Well, some physical activities may trigger mental stress. If the mind, which tells the body to move, becomes paralyzed in its struggle to operate efficiently then the body no longer has the freedom to be healthy. It may sustain for some time as a strong body does but, without guidance from the mind, the body turns to reckless behavior and is a detriment to itself. If this is so, what seems to me is that our number one priority of self-care and healthy living is a good attitude. You have to be happy with your journey.
If I do not enjoy my physical activities, they do not serve me. No matter what value they bring, if I do not receive in thankfulness then I will not receive positive results. The mind allows the body its fuel to proceed. This is where living becomes your lifestyle. What you take in becomes a part of you. I hope this message resonates with you all; having a sound attitude gives you the most primary and vital tool to good health.
If you make a choice to do better and you make that choice worth it then, the results will come and success will be fun. Do not give up but, do what works best for you and all that you need in life will present itself as you seek out further growth. Keep yourself from being your own worst enemy, do not beat yourself up when you fall, and stay level headed when you do achieve greatness. All these things will facilitate a long lasting healthy lifestyle.