[Karlito's Korner] A Poem For Korryn [Written by La’Neicha Monet’ aka Sunshine]

For Korryn, I asked my Sister Sunshine, co-host of Strong Way Radio, to bless the culture with a poem about Korryn‘s message, purpose, and legacy that she left.
Korryn Gaines say her name, Korryn Gaines say her name…Her legacy will not be one to die in vain….  Breaking chains no longer enslaved, they want us to hang, leave us disdained, comply & order but the borders they framed are maintained to keep us slain, drained, numb to pain… It’s strange, cause the same claims they painted are really the fabricated duplicitous fallacious laws set up by this corrupt system. Korryn said fuck prison. These pigs ain’t obstructing my vision. Fuck 12 I’m in all opposition of their twisted regimen & proposition. I won’t be submissive not bowing down to you bitches. I will not let you take my crown you will bow down to me bitches. This system is not made for us, this system is not based on love, our sister is now flying above. As I watched the sunrise, I thought about how Korryn Gaines can no longer look into her son’s eyes, can’t watch her sun rise… But believe he will achieve & her son will rise…Two beautiful babies without their mommy by their side but her legacy lives on inside. We gon ride we gon do what’s right. She was too bright they tried to dim her light but she was a KNIGHT in shining armour who didn’t go out without a fight.
La’Neicha Monet’ aka Sunshine