[Karlito's Korner] Will Major Key be the BEST DJ Khaled album?

I remember talking to my little cousin about hip-hop a few years ago. She knows nothing about the genre but, I find it entertaining to converse with her about it. She complained about many things but she especially raved about how DJ Khaled is not a real rapper because he doesn’t rap on any of his songs. I replied, “Well, he is a DJ. He doesn’t have to rap in order to produce and put together rap music.” Do you know how many people I’ve heard say that? *Sigh* Casual Fans
ANYWAY, I haven’t been more proud of Khaled‘s growth and success in this game. Since ‘06, he’s put out countless anthems and has played a major role in the resurgence of Miami’s stake in Hip Hop. If you don’t know, Khaled came up in the mid-90s DJing in Miami, as well as making appearances in Shottas and Big Puns “Its so Hard Video“. He was so skinny I mistook him for Vinny Del Negro. Well since then, Khaled has eaten good, VERY good. In an era in Hip Hop where DJs weren’t releasing much material, Khaled has redefined and set the standard. He has released eight albums in 10 years, selling over 1.5 million albums total (6 of them independent), over 5 million singles sold, including All I Do Is Win, Hold You Down, I’m On One, I’m So Hood and No New Friends.

 Since his
Since his I Changed A Lot album dropped, Khaled has kept going with no intention of stopping. He has become a sensation on snapchat with qouteables that we all use today such as “Major Key Alert” “Stay away from They” & plenty of other hilarious jargon. He signed to Roc Nation Management, which got him on tour with Beyonce and a few new sponsorships such as  Silk Almond milk.  I can’t forget his recent signing to Epic records, bringing the We The Best Imprint under L.A. Reid’s guidance. With all these moves being made and a reinvention of Khaled, he announced his “Major Key” album and promises his fans an “Epic” project. I personally believe him. Not because Khaled has  the best snapchat, not because he’s the father of our current trend in slang, and certainly not because I see him on Silk almond commercials. It’s because THE MUSIC IS AMAZING. He’s dropped 2 back to back Radio Hits with “For Free” feat. Drake and “I Got the Keys” feat Jay-Z & Future. I just heard Holy Key with Big Sean and Kendrick, which sounds amazing. I hope this Major Key album has the same consistency as the singles. Khaled‘s albums are hit and miss with me honestly. Sometimes the collabs feel forced and inorganic. But hey, we all have preferences. Regardless this new album feels promising.

Hip Hop 4eva,
Freeze Khaled.