[Karlito's Korner] Damond Blue Will Hold The Flag For Baltimore Hip-Hop

Baltimore is one of the many cities that house musical talent. Some artists have reached national recognition, some have made moves under the radar, and you can’t forget your local celebrities. One of my earliest memories was hearing B. Rich on the radio and seeing his “Woah Now” video on BET. It was a proud moment in the city. Lately, the Baltimore music scene has significantly grown with a hodgepodge of styles and subject matter. To the casual fan, it may look like the trap sound in Baltimore is dominant or the best route. Contrary to that belief, the most successful artist from here does not rap about drugs or street life. He actually is considered one of the best lyricist in the game. 92Q just doesn’t support him. Oh, I’m talking about King Los. Shout-out to him for sustaining a healthy career and the drive to continue creating. With the untimely demise of Lor Scoota and Young Moose’s legal issues, the “throne” is up for grabs. I think I know who’s next to hold the flag for Baltimore Hip-Hop.
Damond Blue.
damond 1
I’ll keep it a buck, I just became a fan 3 or 4 months ago. I heard of Damond last year when he dropped the “Oh Baltimore” song. I loved the message but I wasn’t crazy about the track itself.  Early 2016, I heard his “Give it To You” single. I immediately fell in love for these 3 reasons.

  1. He brought back that late 80s/early 90s feel. I could scoop me a few cougars from Melbas if this comes on.
  2. Finally a song from a Baltimore Male Artist that doesn’t disregard females or categorize them as “bitches” “hoes” or “someone to hold the pack”.
  3. It had all the ingredients of a hit record.

lito and damond
Meeting Damond during his interview with Crown Radio was an inspiration. He had his own team, was professional and poised, and furthermore on point with his media skills. I’ve definitely interviewed artists who were nervous or fronted as if they were Jay-Z in the flesh. Damond was being himself. Since that interview, he has been making moves. When you ride around Baltimore you see Damond Blue Billboards and he has graced main stages at local festivals such as Afram (African American Festival). He has his own water out now, which I’ve never heard a Baltimore artist do. A few days ago Damond dropped the “Dream Bigger” project for retail and streaming. I rock with this project the strong way. Out of 10 songs, I definitely enjoy 8 of them. The other two felt a little too forced to crossover. But that’s not anything new for an indie artist who wants to touch those other stages and platforms. Also, the project has the motif of motivation and understanding self-worth.  My personal favorites are We Da Ocean, Stack N Flip, and Blue.
This article isn’t to say that there aren’t any other artists who deserve recognition as the next to represent Baltimore. The talent in this city is endless. This difference is Damond Blue has a machine behind him that advertises his brand at a scale that will best benefit the perception of Baltimore Music. Another thing is that THE MUSIC IS GOOD AND CAN BE MARKETED IN DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. I used caps on purpose. If you haven’t checked his music out, PLEASE DO.

Baltimore 4Eva,
Karlito Freeze