[Karlito's Korner] Hov Is Back! [article update]

A few months ago I dropped my article asking, “Did we need another Jay-Z album?” Most of the responses were one in the same, NO. Many people feel that Hov putting out music is synonymous with Jordan playing for the Wizards. Sheesh. Well, it’s almost as if Jay read my article because he has been making appearances on records!  Although there have only been 3 songs, Jay fans, like myself, are ecstatic just to know that he has new music out.

I will do a review of each of the three new Hov contributed songs that have come out in the last few months.


All the Way Up Remix: Fat Joe and Remy Ma feat Jay Z

jay joe

Hov hops on Joe Crack and Remy‘s smash and takes a moment to brush off the rumors and speculations about his marriage. Of course, he addresses those people who minded his business without doing proper research. I was not crazy about the verse. I was more glad to hear that Jay and Fat Joe squashed their long lasting beef.


Drug Dealers Anonymous: Pusha T feat Jay-Z

jay pusha

FINALLY! A Pusha/Hov Collab. Pusha T, president/artist on GOOD Music, was recording his album King Push and came up with a track that he wanted Jay on. Kanye heard the song and agreed that Jay would fit as well. Pusha sent the song to Hov and loved it. I knew Hov wasn’t gonna play on this one. Now Pusha, if you didn’t know, is one of the best lyricists and sometimes he does not get enough credit. HOWEVER, THIS RECORD IS FIRE! Jay‘s verse was a response to “Reporter” Tomi Lahren who attempted to blast Beyonce‘s Super Bowl performance by saying “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine!” If you go on Rap Genius and read the breakdown of Hov and Pusha‘s verses, you’ll understand why I call him the greatest.

I Got the Keys: DJ Khaled Feat Jay-Z & Future.


This song just dropped Sunday after the BET Awards. Khaled has been promoting this collab for the last few weeks. Many fans, including myself, were very skeptical. I was pissed at Khaled for wasting a Jay verse on “They don’t love you no more” but man he made up for it with this one. It was a “trap” beat produced by 808 MafiaJay murdered his verses, as he should. I don’t feel like playing into the whole “Did he diss Drake?” rara. Anybody who knows Hov knows that his subliminal shots are one in a million. Overall, he was on beat, on point, and on his shit. Desiign– I mean Future killed the hook as well.

Overall, I feel that Hov is 2/3 with these new releases. The weakest of the three is the All The Way Up remix. However, Hov isn’t perfect and neither is your favorite artist. I’d be ecstatic if he puts out another album, to be honest. I just hope they aren’t all trap beats.


Hip Hop Foreva,