[Karlito’s Korner] Kiss Vs. Beans

j vs b

The debate of the Underrated! D-Block General, Jadakiss, and State Property General, Beanie Sigel, impacted hip-hop respectfully in their own way during the late 90s & early 2000s. Jada, being 1/3 of the Lox, having a handful of classic features, and some of hip-hop’s classic cuts (We Gon’ Make ItWhy) and Beans, known as the “Broad Street Bully“, brought an aggressive behavior and rhyme style that resulted in an impressive 3 album start. These two MC’s clashed in 2001 when Jay-Z allegedly called on Beans to end Kiss after many lyrical shots were thrown towards Jay. At the time,  Jadakiss was in the top three for the “deadliest on the mic” list. Since Jay-Z was gearing up to attack Nas and Mobb Deep, a hungry Jadakiss would be a handful. Sigel also needed promotion for “The Reason” so the beef was on. A handful of freestyles were shot back and forth between the camps but the two songs that stood the test of time was Jada’s “Disco Beat” and Beans’ “Put Ya Hands Up” freestyle. My right-hand bro, Odawg, and I debate these joints all the time.  Though the beef almost spilled over, both parties squashed it, becoming friends and collaborators. However, for the sake of hip-hop, let’s take a vote on who had the better diss record. The links are below.

Hip Hop 4eva,


Jada’s Best Line:
“You Forgot the reason that you signed to the ROC /Cuz you listen and you watched and listened to the Lox/All it takes is a gun and a bomb/ But You Got me on tape Hard Knock Life tour huggin your mom.” 

Beans’ best Line: 
“Get the S K right from ya chest / Give ya long mwah goodnight and ain’t no life after death/
Ayo Peep how I handle this nigga/ I’m rocking bells like L , I ain’t Canibus Nigga”