[Introducing] Brain Rapp Gives Us A Brief Greeting With “Hello”

We always crave for something different and what we have here is a unique hip-hop style. Columbia,Maryland artist Brain Rapp delivers solemn bars in his introductory track Hello. Hello is the first track off of his most recent project Elevator Music which was produced by Nature Boi, also featured on two of the seven songs on the tracklist, and mastered by Brandon Lackey. This was a perfect straight to the point song for those who may not know of the artist and to those who may think he’s the typical white rapper. If you take a listen at the EP it will provide more proof that not only Baltimore is a thriving area for local hip-hop artists, but Maryland as a whole is flourishing. Ironically Elevator Music lives up to the title. You literally go on an elevator ride with the tone of each song, ranging from laid back to party hard vibes.

Photo Cred: Shae McCoy (of Uncommonrealist.com) In this Photo is Brain Rapp and Nature Boi at Artscape 2015

Uncommonrealist.com was able to witness Brain Rapp‘s performance at Baltimore‘s annual Artscape Festival. He was accompanied by Nature Boi on the stage and they put on a performance that pleased and aroused the audience. When consulting with others about Brain Rapp, some say that he gives off west coast sound and vibe. He is very much a hip-hop artist with East Coast roots.
Elevator Music is definitely what you need to check out . Including features from Ezko, Jake Sinatra, and Ashley Alexander this is bound to quench your musical thirst.

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