[Clean Up Your Act] Do You Care About Your City Enough To Clean It?

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Photo Credit: Thomas Butler- Baltimore Neighborhood Clean Up 7/11/15

When something is dirty in your house, do you leave it in that state or do you clean it? This question should arrive in your mind every time you think about dropping your waste on the grounds where you have to live.

Besides being notoriously known for crime, Baltimore is known for the numerous amounts of filth that conquers our streets. Trash in the allies, trash in the crevices of the sidewalks, even in our play grounds and parks! Telling people to pick up their trash is obviously not enough and falls upon deaf ears. 

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Photo Credit: Thomas Butler- Baltimore Neighborhood Clean up 7/11/15

This past weekend a concerned Baltimorean put together and carried out his second neighborhood cleanup. Darius Johnson saw that the city’s streets needed help and proceeded to do so. Even with the low turn out it motivated the crew to work even harder with cleaning some of the streets of East Baltimore. 

What was heartbreaking was the fact that residents of the neighborhood did not even want to take part in helping with cleaning. Picking up trash only takes you nothing but five minutes. Many don’t even know about the depletion of our ozone and how the accumulation of waste and garbage contributes to that and  the quality of air we breathe. What will it take for you to pick up your trash? Fines? Jail time? Incentives and consequences should not be the reason that our streets are clean. Your willpower should be the reason. You wanting to survive on earth longer should be the reason.

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Photo Credit: Darius Johnson- Baltimore Neighborhood Cleanup 7/11/15

We shouldn’t have to give you a history lesson for you to practice cleanliness.