[Shake It Up] Shake Shack Baltimore In Review


Five Guys has a bit of competition now that Shake Shack has gained residence in Downtown Baltimore! Shake Shack opened in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area in mid February of this year. When I heard about the opening I instantly shared the information. I have never eaten at or heard about Shake Shack until they decided to share their delightful taste with Baltimore. Hearing positive feedback about the eatery  made me eager to try out their food and then tell you guys about it. Before I go in to depth about my experience, let me tell you a little about them.

Shake Shack is an eatery that started out as just as a cart in Madison Square park . From the park they went kiosk style in 2004 and from there evolved in to a flourishing franchise. Shake Shack is not limited to locations in the United States, yea baby they’re international also! With locations in places such as the Middle East, United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia, Shake Shack basically told the world, “You can’t miss out on this!”

My experience at Shake Shack Baltimore was a bit fast paced. I waited to go on a beautiful day and on that day, the line was pretty much pouring out of the door! From that alone I made an inference that I would not be disappointed with my food. I went in to order, I was given a menu while I was waiting in line, something I never experienced in any eatery in Baltimore. All of the employees were very polite and eager,which I also appreciated.  I ended up getting a Shack Burger with french fries and a 50/50. Even though I could not sit in and enjoy my meal because all of the tables were full, it didn’t stop me from finding a place nearby and enjoying the experience from afar

The Shack Burgerwas superb! I love that my burger was well done, 100 percent Angus and my bacon was not shriveled. What I enjoyed most about my sandwich was the Shack Sauce. It’s definitely distinct from other special sauces that my taste buds have been a witness to. I’ve been searching for the recipe and when I find it I’ll update you guys.

The French Fries were delicious but, I think if I would have went with cheese fries the potato experience may have been boosted. Overall they were nice and crisp. Not over or under cooked.

The 50/50 which is a mixture of lemonade and iced tea, wasn’t too good to me. I felt like I needed to add a few packs of sugar to it as it lacked the taste of either additive. The taste that  I had implanted in my brain was the taste of Baltimore’s famous Half and Half  which contains the same drinks but, is like diabetes in a cup. Then I had to remember this isn’t a Baltimore oriented business.

My overall Shake Shack experience would definitely cause me to return. I like how some of their menu items were specific to Baltimore themes such as the Pratt St. Pie Oh My, one of their frozen custard ice cream flavors. I would definitely recommend this eatery to someone who wants to have a casual outing with a friend or loved one. Shake Shack has its own unique vibe with Chipotle qualities. People love Chipotle and their line is always out of the door. Shake Shack is definitely competition to other restaurants who have called Baltimore’s Inner Harbor their home for years. This time I didn’t try any shakes but, that only gives me another reason to come back!

Shake Shack , Uncommonrealist gives your establishment an 8/10!