[QOTD] Which Consists Of More Intimacy, Kissing Or Sex?


Aha! I know I’ll wake you up with this one. Who doesn’t like to discuss things like kissing and sex? [Inserts Creep Laugh Here]  My questions usually derive from something I may have read and have added my opinion to. This time I was on Facebook when I came across a status that asked a question similar to this one. I must admit my answer was a little mixed. Most people on the post did agree that kissing may be more of intimacy than sex. An reoccurring factor came in to play when I thought of this topic. Does your significant other kiss you during sex let alone, kiss you at all? If not, then Houston we have a problem. I understand that a lot of people don’t like to kiss simply because they don’t feel confident about it or, they are just not that in to you. Kissing is a sport that not only adds to sexual intimacy but, proves that I trust you enough to put my tongue in your mouth. Sex should be treated the same way but, it may not appear as intimate nowadays because people have sex like it’s going out of style. I previously thought that sex was indeed more intimate than kissing simply because you are together in so many ways even if it is a one-night-stand. Sweat dripping, juice mixing, if that’s not intimate then I don’t know what is. [Lol] Passion can be sought out in both romantic approaches. So is there really a difference in level of intimacy with both gestures? I will say this though, if you want to know if someone is really in to you, try to kiss them. If their head does the exorcist 360 then they’re not that in to you. What do you think? Sex vs. Kissing which is more intimate?