[QOTD] When Is It Ever Ok To Go Back To An Ex?


We hate to admit it but, we all probably have one ex boyfriend/girlfriend that we would try things over with. It’s either because you dealt with them when you guys were immature so the problems and hardships you experienced came with age or, it could be as simple as you just missing what your memories remind you of when you think of that ex. Most say that it is illogical to go backwards to someone who you clearly weren’t meant to be with. I say, fuck that. We are human if you and your ex meet again later in life and things have proven to change and, the thought of working things out is mutual amongst the both of you then why not try? The problem is we worry too much about what others think. We think about if our friends would approve or family but, once you’re an adult your relationships can be as private as you want them to be. Is it a set back to rewind back to a tape of the past that’s been altered?  Is the ex-factor something to stay far away from?