[QOTD] What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Significant Other Was In A Facebook Sex Group?

Photo Cred: abc.net.au

This question came about due to my own experience.  Yesterday I was added to a Facebook Sex Group,  because my friends are crazy. I lasted in there for a few hours, while I was there I saw some things that made my stomach turn. I thought to myself,  “Are these people married, do they have boyfriends or girlfriends? ” I grew utterly disgusted because, you’re showing your genitals on a network where the chance of your photos getting hacked or stolen is above 75 percent, and I’m pretty sure most of those people didn’t know eachother. To get to the most important matter, what would you do if you got added to a sex group and you see your significant other on there sharing pictures of their genitals like it’s Thanksgiving?  I even saw men sharing pictures of people they had sex with, which is the utmost tacky. In this situation would you stay or, would you go?