[QOTD] Is It Possible For A Man To Keep Two Women Happy At The Same Time or Vice Versa?


Aha! The question most women want to know the answer to and most men avoid, is this possible in our generation?  The ability to keep two people sexually, mentally, and spiritually satisfied at the same time hardly can be mastered, or am I wrong?  Nowadays it seems completely normal to have a significant other but, a side dish on deck. How can both stay happy? I think it depends on what they know, if neither one of the participating parties know about one another then happiness may have a possibility of staying afloat in the multiple party relationship.  It becomes a state of calamity when those people cross paths. What are you to do then? Usually when this happens one person gets the scissors for a while but, ends up easing their way back in. Given, we’re supposed to eat cake when we get it literally but, figuratively is it ok? What’s your thoughts people? Have you you been part of a three-way relationship?  What was your role in the relationship?  If not, do you think achieving happiness is possible for both parties in a three-way relationship?