[Question Of The Day] First Dates,Men Do You Treat On The First Date? Women, Do You Expect A Man To Treat On The First Date?



Does this make you raise an eyebrow? The other morning a male friend of mine posted this screenshot to Instagram. My friend is in the blue and the female is in the white. The question that stands  and probably is something that everyone who is just getting in to dating may ask. Does the male have to treat on the first date? Is it a mandatory thing?

me (@beyond_shae) & Cam (godbodygarvey)
me (@beyond_shae) & Cam (godbodygarvey)

Judging from this screenshot, the male is fed up with the “first date, hands out” mentality of some females. For me, I think that if the first date is somewhere that involves paying that it should be split. Give the guy a break, this is the first time you are going out with this person. It is not even a guarantee that you guys will like each other after the first date.  I think the reason males shy away from dates is for this reason exhibited in the screenshot I provided above. What’s your thoughts Ladies and Gents?


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