[Question Of The Day ] Ebola:Should We Be Alert?

Photo Cred: www.un.org

With a 90% fatality rate the Ebola Virus Disease is taking the African Continent by storm. What is Ebola? Ebola is a severe illness that has been transmitted from wild animals (fruit bats as the host) to humans and is usually fatal upon human contact. The Ebola Virus was introduced in 1976 to  the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and has Re-emerged greatly from its some what “dormant” state. So far Ebola has infected Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. In a recent total, 1,093 people have been infected and 660 of those people have died which accumulates to 60% of the infected. This has been one of the disease’s deadliest outbreaks in its history.  It’s scary when there’s many people who travel in and out of these places. There has been health workers who have been studying the disease and now even some of them have been infected, 100 to be exact. This virus currently has no cure or treatment. Chances that it could spread world wide are not as high of a risk right now. Could this effect us here on American soil? Who knows as of right now.I ask this question not to scare but, to make those aware of the situation at hand. People don’t watch the news because of what the news provides but, it is indeed informative. What are your thoughts on this occurrence?