[Epic Weekend] UncommonRealist At Baltimore’s African American Festival

The Festival Circle


This weekend I had the chance to attend one of Baltimore’s well known festivals! The African American Festival presented by Black Enterprise, surprised me this year. I must say this has been one of the best years for this festival. I attended alone but, there was no shame in that as I met a lot of cool people! I’ll give you an insight on some things that I enjoyed while parading around.

shae and jacob latimore

Jacob Latimore Had the girls going crazy! I swear I almost got stomped at least twice as they ran to him. It was a pleasure meeting the 17 year old singer nonetheless.

shae and raheem

Raheem DeVaughn had kept the crowd laughing as he hosted a Black Enterprise event, Resume/Interview Do’s and Don’ts, at the Pepsi Pavillion! It was definitely a pleasure to meet him as well.


I also ran into one of my UncommonRealist‘s featured Artists, Jinx Gulo! He got to perform at the festival and kill the stage. Expect more music from him on the site soon! Learn more about him at http://wisegang.squarespace.com/jinx-gulo/

shae and don

Music Producer/Artist, Don Trunk brought BaltiMotown to the festival and they rocked out!  This was the first time we’ve met and he was as cool as the other side of the pillow. Once I went to his tent I was stuck there for a little while! Catch him on UncommonRealist really soon!  Find out more about him at http://www.dontrunk.com/


I got a chance to catch the BGVS perform and they blew me out of the water! Vocals were on point and they put on a show. While enjoying their singing I did notice that they mentioned an EP coming soon! So look out for that. UncommonRealist will have the details on that soon! Find out more about this group at http://www.thebgvs.com/

shae and laz

Sunday I learned that this man isn’t just sexy but, he is wise. When he spoke at the Pepsi pavillion yesterday I wanted to get up and hug him until his blood circulation was non existent. I took a lot home with me from the discussion. He chimed us in on his rise to where he is now in his acting career. In my seeking of business advice I definitely found it thanks to him! Meeting Laz Alonso definitely was meant to happen at the time it did!

shae and alfred edmond jr

I had a pleasure of catching up with the Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer of Black Enterprise, Alfred Edmond Jr.. Alfred was one of the judges of Black Enterprise’s Sharks Pitch Competition. I met a lot of business oriented individuals here as well! You can find out what more about Black Enterprise at http://www.blackenterprise.com/


Before I left the festival Sunday I did get to catch Mario’s performance. The Baltimore native  came through and showed out. Bringing his performance  to a close with a touching speech about his Do Right Foundation. You can find out more information about this organization at http://www.mariodoright.org/. Help a good cause!