[Creative Thinking] Pharrell Releases Social Book, Do You like Filling In the Blanks?

pharrell 2014


Pharrell definitely took me back to school with his Social Book “Inspiration!” Talk about using context clues, I definitely appreciate this Pharrell and I’m pretty sure we will have fun putting together your book. Pharrell teamed up with Bic’s Tipp-Ex to release “Inspiration” online. Did I mention that this is the first Social Book ever?! The only thing is that the book is blank and Pharrell needs your help! By going to http://tippex-socialbook.com/#TheSocialBookby2Pharrell and help fill in the blanks to a wonderful and creative story! The first to guess words in the book will get credit when the book goes on sale. The book will be translated in to five languages. All proceeds from sales of the book will go to Pharrell’s From One Hand To AnOTHER Organization. Lets help him out!