[Question of the Day] When A Black Male Celebrity is Accused of Domestic Violence, Why Does the Black Community Automatically Blame The Woman Involved?

ray rice

I thought that this would be a good question to ask my fellow black community. Why do the victims of domestic violence of our fellow black men get blamed for what has been done to them? For example the situation with Ray Rice and his wife Janay, I’ve heard people say that she deserved what was done to her. Of course none of us know the real situation at hand but, nobody deserves to be dragged or punched. Another example, the most notorious domestic violence case in my generation of pop culture, Chris Brown and Rihanna; Chris Brown and Rihanna both played a part but, Rihanna got the most slander at the time. Chris Brown stans of course took his side and said Rihanna deserved it and that she must have done something to make him irate. What?! The fact that Karma has came back to bite Chris Brown in the ass should confirm everything. What ever makes it okay for a man to physically assault a woman at any time? If the woman assaulted is black, that’s a wrap because of our attitudes right? #soundoff