[Question of the Day] Do You Think That The Premiere Episode Of The Boondocks was Shady Toward Chris Brown and Do You Think Viewers will Stay Loyal Without Aaron McGruder?

pretty boy flizzy



Last night The Boondocks kicked off their fourth season with its first episode without Aaron McGruder. Many already expected this episode to be pretty bad. I thought differently. Last night’s episode included a guest star by the name of Pretty Boy Flizzy (played by actor Michael B. Jordan) who’s actions and storyline appeared to be quite similar to Chris Brown and his situation with Rihanna. I observed the social networks as I watched the show and, the slander wasn’t toward Michael B. Jordan for playing the character but, for the storyline of the episode. Many thought that it was tired and that it was pretty redundant. Some thought that the shit was pretty funny. Seeing Michael B. Jordan come out of his comfort zone excited me and I wasn’t worried about the Chris Brown tactics. The question is, how will the rest of this season turn out? Fans have already lost their faith once they learned that Aaron McGruder was not returning.