[Good Reads] Poetic Oasis By A. Unique Soule

poetic oasis


A.Unique Soule is a new author born and raised in Upstate New York. Her mother is former PublishAmerica author Miranda Carr. She is a student at a community college in Maryland and is ready to move forward in a new direction . A. Unique enjoys past-times such as reading, dancing, stepping, hanging out with her friends, fashion and of course writing poetry. She loves spending time with her family. She hopes to inspire others with her poems as much as she was inspired to write them. She is currently working on her second Poetry Book called Inspiration.



Stick around for the Synopsis!


“This book is about how a young teenage girl goes through life’s trials and tribulations, in order for her, to be what she sees people becoming. Never realizing the world she lives in is a world where teenagers have no restrictions what so ever. This book allows this young girl to express how she feels about the world and the people who contribute to her life. She wants so much to be like other people, and wanting the talents they posses, not realizing that her talent is something simple like writing poetry to inspire other young people, and to encourage them. Throughout different stages of her life she has been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused.


This book captures the moments of this teens life when she feels life has got her by the tail. She feels she’s a victim of what has affected her in her past life, and that’s what turns her into what she is today. She doesn’t quite why her life turns out the way it does, but she will stop at nothing to get answers. She has to battle what lies within her in order to survive her day to day suppressions that life has to offer. This book gives you a visual of what life is like in today’s world for average teenagers, and how it affects their behavior, actions, and even the decisions they make in life to determine who they are. Teens today try so hard to be accepted, and I want this book to help them understand that you can be your own person. You don’t have to be like your so called “friends” in order to succeed in life. Many people don’t understand the values or talents that a teenager possesses, and that’s what this book is all about. Looking at what teenagers do when their hearts are pure and set to accomplish goals.”


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