Flashback Friday: I bet you guys don’t remember this Omarion!

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  1. Cool song! I remember this song very well. I met Omarion when he was 9 years old. Then met him a few times from the ages of 11-16. Do you know who Marques Houston is? I know him too. A relative used to work with Houston’s father. I met them before they were celebs though. So many stories I could tell. That’s not all the celebs I knew either. This is just a little sample. I’ll tell you more in due time. If you’re interested to know. 🙂

          1. Lol idk people get on me all the time for my hard core support of him but, that man is a great man at what he does and I have watched him develope as an actor. ..it’s more to it than the looks trust me

          2. You’re a smart young lady. I’m sure it’s not just about his looks. He’s a talented guy. You don’t seem to have that silly teeny-bopper attitude.lol You like guys that have style along with substance right? But there’s nothing wrong with finding someone attractive as well. As long as it’s not ONLY about looks.

          3. Right , that’s the thing people don’t get and I’m even more humbled by the fact that he notices my support for him ..I admit sometimes I get that teen boppin feel but, who doesnt. I had to be a fan before I became a supporter

          4. Via social media we’ve exchanged words, I’m not one to claim I fully know someone until I meet them. It’s never been a him contacting me type of thing though. .don’t want ppl thinking out of the box lol

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