What Beyonce Says Goes: She wants to put a ban on the word “Bossy”


Now I love Bey and everything but, this has gone too far.Censorship is a thing of the past so for someone to want to ban a word of no harm and for people to actually be so for it is making me cringe. They claim that this word discourages females from wanting to take on leadership roles. I’ve never heard this theory until a few days ago. I just find this completely absurd, why not ban words like Nigga, Bitch, Whore, and other words that actually do have some negative impact on our society. I will never understand this babble about Bossy. Whether you are a boss or bossy I still don’t see the problem. Would you rather hear someone say “You’re a bitch” or ” You’re bossy?”  So what you are telling me is that Beyonce can tell you to “Bow Down Bitch” but, nobody can call you bossy. Celebrities are actually signing on to a campaign for  this bull shit. Just goes to show you the power of media. No one can stop you from saying a word unless they kill you. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it.