Catch Film Independent Spirit Awards tomorrow March 1st at 10 pm ET/PT


I’m so excited about this because, of course my favorite film of 2013 was included in some way being nominated for Best First Feature! As you know Fruitvale Station was one of the many independent films that came out last year and one of the best! It just excites me when this film gets recognized for first off, telling Oscar Grant’s story and in a respectful yet truthful light. Also the recognition of the great performances by the actors!


Michael B.Jordan and Melonie Diaz were two actors nominated in the awards from this film.  Michael has been nominated for Best Male Lead, which I hope he wins because, he’s been working his ass off! Melonie has been nominated for Best Supporting Female!  I will keep my fingers crossed for them both as the awards approaches!  Good luck guys!

You can catch the Film Indendent Spirit Awards on (IFC) Independent Film Channel.

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