Shae’s Two Cents: Controversy dealing with Pharrell’s album cover for ‘G I R L’


It’s sad to see people get judged for choices they make and are free to make. Exhibit A, Pharrell’s new album cover,  of course people had some say about it because there were no darker skinned hotties included. This is starting to bother me, just because we are black and have been through a lot just like any other race, doesn’t mean we need to be included in everything.  For the record there is a black woman on the cover according to Pharrell.This man has made millions off of his music do you think he truly cares if you don’t think his album cover is tasteful?  Hell no. What we need to learn is that this is, well is supposed to be a free country. So this man can put Grace Jones and Prince and Boy George on his cover if he wants. We have to learn to open our minds before we open our mouths! By the way Pharrell I love the cover!