Shae’s Two Cents: Controversy surrounding Michael B. Jordan playing as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four film


So I know people have been waiting for my input on this situation at hand! So as many of you may know Michael B. Jordan has been added to the cast for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. That wasn’t even the beginning of the madness. Michael has been picked to play Johnny Storm who was originally white in the comic. You can imagine how much of an uproar of stupidity this caused. I’ve spoken to a few people about this and most say that race isn’t the core issue but, the fact that the originality of the comic has now taken a drastic turn about. You know what I think? I think that that’s a bunch of core bullshit.  The way society is and, as a realist I know that racism still exists. It’s probably making people cringe that a black, talented and handsome man is going to murder the role of an originally white character.  I honestly think that whoever came up with the idea is a fucking genius!  Michael was right when he said people are still going to see the film, to see if he will fail or choke when he slays this role! WHY YOU MAD. I understand the lovers of comics are a bit appalled but, get over it. How dare you even part your lips to disrespect a man on his grind!