Shae’s Two Cents: Controversy surrounding Michael B. Jordan playing as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four film


So I know people have been waiting for my input on this situation at hand! So as many of you may know Michael B. Jordan has been added to the cast for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. That wasn’t even the beginning of the madness. Michael has been picked to play Johnny Storm who was originally white in the comic. You can imagine how much of an uproar of stupidity this caused. I’ve spoken to a few people about this and most say that race isn’t the core issue but, the fact that the originality of the comic has now taken a drastic turn about. You know what I think? I think that that’s a bunch of core bullshit.  The way society is and, as a realist I know that racism still exists. It’s probably making people cringe that a black, talented and handsome man is going to murder the role of an originally white character.  I honestly think that whoever came up with the idea is a fucking genius!  Michael was right when he said people are still going to see the film, to see if he will fail or choke when he slays this role! WHY YOU MAD. I understand the lovers of comics are a bit appalled but, get over it. How dare you even part your lips to disrespect a man on his grind!

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  1. As long as he does a good job I don’t think this matters. The previous actor who took on the role wasn’t anything special in my opinion. I would rather see someone who plays the part than someone who merely looks the part. Besides, won’t he be red / orange most of the time anyway?

  2. I have had arguments on my timeline and inbox about this. People are real idiots. All that should matter is his ability as an actor not the color of his skin. The naysayers should be quiet because I’m sure he is just gonna use it to fuel his performance. He is gonna kill it!

  3. Most people don’t like change. If someone doesn’t step up to the plate and challenge, history won’t be made. Example, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Obama and so many more. Change can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. But if no ever tries to make a change. Then we’ll never know. Michael B. Jordan is doing just that. People are going to be people. There was always an uproar when people are taking out of their comfort zone. People need to be taken out of their comfort zone sometimes. That’s why Michael B. Jordan knows that once this film hits theaters, those opposed to him playing the role will still come out to see him in the role and to check the movie out. That’s when he will win them over and once again change will have been a good thing. They will accept him as the character and history will be made.

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