Congrats to Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones, they’re expecting!

omari and apryl

Seems like everybody around here has baby fever! Not me though. Earlier today as I was frequenting Twitter, I came across a tweet from Omarion (@1Omarion) that startled me but, in a good way. My heart was a tad bit broken because as a teen I always had it in my mind that I was going to marry this man. Omarion has been dating the beautiful singer/ songwriter Apryl Jones for a while now and I must say they have the cutest relationship. It was yesterday when they both revealed that they were expecting a little bundle of joy!

Omarion tweeted this, which was linked to an instagram video of the sonogram:

omari tweet

Apryl Tweeted this:


These tweets were followed by many tweets from his jubilant fans, including myself, congratulating them on their new journey that will be approaching. As many kindergarten crushes were diminished,fans still found it in their hearts to accept that Omarion will be becoming a dad! Congratulations again and I wish you guys the best!