Macklemore admits to Kendrick via text that he was robbed of Grammy and makes it public!


As much as I was displeased with the Grammy Awards yesterday, this has to be the most interesting moment that emerged from lasy night. The act of admitting you didn’t deserve an award. How many artists can pull this off. Last night Macklemore and Ryan Lewis racked up on four grammy awards. Many thought that it was absurd but, it happened. It was the moment when he won over people like Kendrick Lamar who had a great year in the music industry that puzzled viewers. Post the Grammys Macklemore sent this text to Kendrick:


He decided to post this text via his Instagram I guess to prove that he is human because people were fired up. I honestly applaud him for sending this but, he didn’t have to make it public, seems like he was looking for validation.By the way this was a day after he exchanged texts with Kendrick excited for the  Grammy awards.

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